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Create Your Magic Morning Routine Today

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If you are tired of rushing in the morning and starting your day on the wrong foot each day this article is for you. I know there was a time where I was tired of waking up just before the kids only to rush to get breakfast in everyone before we would race into our day. Through this pandemic I have learned to create the most solid morning routine, it changed how I felt so much that I wanted to share how you can create your magic morning routine too.

Whatever it is you are struggling with, this article will guide you through ten ways you can get motivated and inspired to begin your day in a way that feels fabulous for you. The idea is that you are creating a lifestyle not a quick fix, so if this list feels overwhelming just pick one thing to focus on and begin there. Once that feels easy (or you notice how amazing it makes your day) add in one more thing when you feel ready.
BEFORE YOU BEGIN Start by getting clear on what your ideal morning looks like or how you would like it to look.

a) Journal out your ideal morning from the moment you wake up until the moment you begin work (heck, you can do it for your entire day if you are feeling super motivated).

b) Start with one thing that you are struggling the most with or would like to change first.

c) Write out what you currently do not like about your morning routine and create one goal to make it better.

d) Write out what you have done in the past that felt really good, or made your day run better. How can you add that in more consistently?


You don’t have to set these massive goals that can seem daunting or unattainable, start small and be consistent. 365 baby steps can create massive impact.

NEXT STEP – Plan ahead.

It doesn’t sound fun and it might even feel like a waste of time but simply writing what you want won’t create the change you want. You need to come up with a game plan. This is the step that often gets forgotten and the main reason why lasting change doesn’t happen.

Plan out what you need to do to make the desired change. For example if you want to read in the morning, do you currently have a book you want to read? If you do, put it where you want to read in the morning, so when you wake up there is no thinking involved. You are ready. If you don’t have a book head to the bookstore or order online and it will ship to your house. The idea is that you jump on the computer now and just do it so you are not waiting another week or month to create the habit you said you wanted to do.

If you want to workout in the morning, plan when you will get up, lay your clothes out and know what your workouts entail. Are you signing up for at home workouts through Beach Body or a local virtual class? Are you searching YouTube for videos you would like to try for free? When you know the plan it is easier to execute it.

This is what my typical morning routine looks like (I will break down each one below into more details on the why’s and hows etc.):

  1. Wake up before the kids so my morning routine is “me” time.
  2. Drink a tall glass of water or lemon water and probiotics.
  3. Make coffee or tea and read inspiring book while enjoying my coffee in peace.
  4. Meditate – each morning I connect with myself and how I am feeling before I start my day by doing at least a 10 minute meditation.
  5. Pull cards – I have 4 different decks now and I just pick the deck I feel called to. I check in with my body and ask the Universe or my guides for the message I need to hear today.
  6. Journal – a great tool to check in with how you are feeling, write affirmations or mantra’s, or write down what you are grateful for beginning your day with gratitude is the best way to start your day because you see everything that’s already whole and good. Bougie Journal Bonus is to write out what you want to manifest and why.
  7. Movement – move my body for a minimum of 30 minutes in a way that honours how my mind, body and soul is feeling that day.
  8. Nourishment – mindfully enjoy a breakfast that will fuel my day and allow me to feel my best. I take omega 3 and vitamin D with breakfast.
  9. Kids wake up – they make their own breakfast, try and sneak in some quality time before we start school and work.
  10. Begin day and regularly check in to see if I am living in alignment with the way I want to feel and when things go side ways tune into how I can return to love. Love is the ultimate frequency.

Make your morning routine work for you, and make if fun so you actually WANT to do it. If you don’t like moving in the morning it’s totally ok to schedule it later in your day.

Disclaimer – If you are new to creating a morning routine I recommend starting with one thing and focusing on that until it becomes second nature and you don’t even need to think about it anymore, kind of like brushing your teeth. It took me awhile to develop this routine, and I continue it because it makes me feel really good. It’s like working out, it can be hard to begin but once you do it for awhile you notice how great it feels when you do it, but more importantly your body craves it when you don’t do it. It’s a beautiful reminder that you should keep doing what makes you FEEL your best, because hey….don’t we all want to feel fabulous?

Ok now that you know what you want and you have a plan in mind let’s dive into each step to break down the importance of each step, choose what resonates and leave the rest.

  1. Decide what time you are going to wake up each morning and be consistent. No you do not have to wake up at 5am to be successful like all the book say. You do you boo, but commit to yourself. What time can you wake up (realistically) so you have time for yourself? If you have kids and they wake up early and the thought of waking up even earlier is daunting try it for one week to see if it’s worth it to have that alone time, if it is….cool keep doing it your body will adjust to waking up a wee bit earlier. Give yourself at least 30 minutes to 1 hour. If you really don’t want to wake up earlier how can you set up your kids so you can read or so you can have some time to yourself?

If you decide it can be done it will, if you think it’s impossible you will be right as well. So choose wisely on what you actually want and make a plan.

If you work really early in the morning and really feel you don’t have time to get up earlier ask how you can incorporate some of these activities throughout your day. Can you read or meditate on your lunch break? Pull cards with co-workers? Walk the dog as soon as you get home from work for 30 minutes? There is a way I promise, you just need to get creative and clear on what you want.

Right now, grab your journal and write down what time you are going to wake up each day. Commit to yourself and starting your day the way you want. Set your alarm on your phone or old school alarm clock, this is part of the plan.

How can you make this work for you?

2. Hydrate. Drink at least one large glass of water or lemon water before you do anything.

Your first pee of the day is really concentrated because while you sleep you are not hydrating and the body is actually doing a lot of work to cleanse your body. Drinking water helps to eliminate toxins or waste during excretion, it helps to digest food, lubricates joints, nourishes cells, improves complexion, helps with body temperature regulation, improves circulation, and brain function.

Your body is made up of about 60% water, ensuring that you are hydrated really is one of the easiest ways to improve your energy and feel your best.

Beginning your day with water is one of the easiest health habits you can add in right away. Make it a non-negotiable that you just drink a full glass before you do anything in the morning. Plan out how you can ensure you keep drinking water throughout your day.

Here are a few tips:

  • pour a glass and have it with you while you work
  • bring a water bottle with you whenever you leave the house (and actually drink it)
  • flavour your water with fresh fruit, vegetables or herbs – think lemon & lime, cucumber & basil, strawberry & raspberry etc.
  • pour out your daily water goal and use the visual to see if you are on track with your daily consumption – for example if you have 4 glasses of water on the counter and it’s noon and you still have 3 glasses you need to pause and drink a little more.

3. Read or get inspired while enjoying a coffee, tea or warm beverage.

Reading is a great way to learn, grow and start your day feeling inspired. I am a big fan of personal development and growth mindset books, lately I’ve been enjoying books about spirituality too.

You can learn or read about anything that fills your cup: gardening, painting, drawing, history, autobiographies, fiction, finance, whatever lights you up. My reading game took on a stronger role through this pandemic as it was a great way to come back to staying positive. Did you know reading is so good for your mental health? That is can help to reduce stress? And it is great for cognitive function. There are so many benefits!

Here are my top 10 favourite books:

  1. You are a Badass & You are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero
  2. The Universe has your Back & Super Attractor by Gabrielle Bernstein
  3. Light is the New Black & Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell
  4. Rising Strong or anything from Brene Brown
  5. The Greatness Guide and anything from Robin Sharma
  6. The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer
  7. Discover your Dharma by Sahara Rose
  8. Girl Wash Your Face & Girl Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis
  9. Untamed by Glennon Doyle
  10. The Desire Map by Danelle Laporte

Other favs:

Warrior Goddess Training by Heather, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie and the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.

If you love reading let me know what’s on your list in the comments below or shoot me a DM over on Instagram @Pam_Rocca.

You can always look online and search up whatever you are interested in and there will be a lot of books available right at your fingertips. You have the option for audio, digital or my favourite a physical book. You can check out reviews to see what other people are saying or to see if the book is a great fit for you and your goals.

Reading always leaves me fired up to start the day, check it out to see if it has benefits for you too.

4. Meditate. Learn to sit with yourself and connect with yourself on a soul level. This brings in peace, healing, clarity, self-awareness and pure joy.

Meditation is scientifically proven to lower both stress and cortisol levels. It has so many benefits yet most people don’t practice meditation consistently. I began my meditation journey when I was working on healing, it quickly became a coping tool for when I felt overwhelmed, frustrated or upset. Over time I noticed how each time I sat with myself in meditation that I was connecting deeper into who I am at a soul level. I could hear messages, feel an inner knowing or connection to my truth, heal old wounds, and found myself raising my vibration or energy level which lead to awesome things manifesting in my life. It honestly changed my life and I cannot recommend it enough.

The awesome thing about meditation is that it’s free and can be done anywhere. There is no right or wrong way to do it either. You can sit up or lay down the idea is to get comfortable so you can BE in your body. Focus on your breath to turn down the volume of your mind or the stories that are running wild. You can listen to a guided meditation on YouTube, Insight Timer or your favourite app of choice. You can also just listen to meditation music and focus on your breath, ask your body what it wants to tell you while you check in with your heart and turn off your brain. You can even do it in nature and just listen to the elements while you fill up with source and check in with yourself. Just connect with what works for you with where you are at today.

Once you do it on a consistent basis (maybe try a 30 day experiment) you will notice all of the benefits and you will never want to go back.

I started with guided meditation because it gave me something to focus on, you can type in meditation for ____ insert whatever you need____ (stress, abundance, anxiety, raising your vibration, wealth, joy, success, healing etc.). You can also set the time you want meditate for know that you don’t have to do it for 20-30 minutes to get a benefit. I started with 10 minutes and it had a wonderful effect. I now do 15 minutes of meditation with music (not guided) because I am able to sit with myself and hear what I need to.

Remember to come at it with a beginners mindset and know that the more you practice the easier it gets. Initially it was hard for me to quite my mind because it was always going a mile a minute, I am now able to tap in quicker and easier. So be patient and enjoy the journey.

5. Pull a Card.

I love to pull cards because they are a great reminder that we are supported and that there is a bigger picture. They can guide you on how to show up with love and do the work. I believe they are a great way to connect with your soul, your journey and to tune into what you need.

I started with The Energy Oracle Card Deck by Sandra Anne Taylor this is a wonderful beginner deck. You can lay the cards out and ask the Universe, or your guides “what message do I need to know today” or you can ask a specific question, then pull whatever card you feel called to or you can cut the deck and pull a card. There is no right or wrong way to pull just tune into your intuition and allow yourself to be divinely guided. It’s also important to note, that the cards are all neutral there are no good or bad cards, simply awareness on what is working, what needs work. A beautiful reminder that you are never alone on this journey.

I love my new decks:

Work Your Light Oracle Cards by Rebecca Campbell

Spirit Animal Oracle Cards by Colette Baron-Reid (I love her Goddess deck too).

Do your own research and grab whatever deck you feel called to and enjoy!

6. Journal. Your tool to self-discovery and awareness.

This is one of the most important tools I use with my coaching clients and they all agree that it is such and effective tool for living a life you want to live. The fun part is you can use it a bunch of different ways so tune into what resonates with you and do that.

Tune into your feelings – journal how you are feeling and how you want to feel, make an inspired action plan.

Gratitude – write out all the things that you are grateful for and why. When you begin your day with a grateful heart you begin to see everything in your day as a blessing or something to be really thankful for.

Example: I am grateful for _______________ because_______________. Feel it in your heart.

Goals and manifestations – what do you desire, dream or want? get clear and create a vision. Feel and know that you are worthy of it and take small steps daily towards your goal.

Affirmations or mantras. I am statements are so powerful, affirm what you want to feel, or be.

I am strong.

I am beautiful.

I am love.

I am blessed.

I am capable of handling this.

My body is beautiful, strong and full of unconditional love.

7. Movement. Move your body for 30 minutes a day in a way that works with your body, mind and soul.

If you don’t like exercise that is ok, but you do need to move your body daily.

Stop forcing yourself to do things that you do not enjoy and focus on finding things that make your body feel better. Walking for 30 minutes each day consistently does wonders for your physical, mental and emotional health. Listening to music or a great podcast while doing it also boosts your mood. You can also try light stretching, yoga, dancing, playing with your kids – really any movement that feels really good. I like to use the expression “work with your body instead of against it.” It wants to move and often leaves you with more energy, so even if you feel tired see if there is a fun way to increase your energy level with movement.

If you are unsure of what would feel good simply try something new here is a fun list of ideas:

  • walk, hike, run, explore new trails
  • dance – in your house to your favourite play list or sign up for an adult dance class
  • enjoy moving on the water – kayaking, canoeing, stand up paddle boarding, swimming, aquafit, swim with your kiddos play and splash in the water
  • bike – indoors, outdoors, mountain bike or rent a bike, fat biking
  • yoga – at home, online, in a studio – there are SO many types of yoga find a style that works for you (hatha, flow, yin, restorative, kundalini)
  • strength training – in a gym, online, do a class, hire a trainer, buy some kettle bells or free weights
  • stretching – don’t forget how good it feels to relax and stretch out all the muscles in your body – working out doesn’t mean you have to push yourself hard, sweat a ton and grind hard – there are so many benefits to stretching for movement
  • try a new class, try something new, tune into what feels good for your body and show up for yourself consistenly

8. Nourishment.

It’s so important that you begin your day with a meal that will nourish your body and fuel your day. Your body is filled with trillions of cells how are you nourishing them? Think about a meal that will provide your body with healthy carbs, protein and fat, this will keep you energized and fuller longer.

My go to meals: oatmeal bowls, overnight oats (hot or cold), smoothies or smoothie bowls, tofu scramble, eggs on sweet potato toast with avocado, veggie stir-fry, egg cups, breakfast cookies or bars, or homemade turkey breakfast patties with zucchini hash.

9. Quality Time.

How can you create a moment of quality time or connection with your partner or your kids. It could be that you read together, meditate together, share coffee, write a little love note, share a big bear hug, the small things really can feel like big things. It’s so easy to rush and focus on things you have to get done, what if you hit the pause button and looked at how you really want to start your day. If you have that connection with your kids they might listen better when it’s time to brush their teeth, heck maybe you can even do that together too. Find moments to connect, they don’t have to be big or lavish they do raise your vibes and make everyone feel really good. It’s a beautiful way to begin your day.

10. Tuning into the frequency of love and aligning your day.

Now that you have started your day in alignment how can you maintain that frequency throughout your day? Notice how good it feels to start your day in a calm, inspired state, know that you can keep coming back to this feeling throughout your day. I like to remember what does the frequency of love look and feel like and how can I stay in that alignment. Because love is the ultimate vibration.

When you wake up and do things that make you feel great it creates momentum and motivation to keep doing things that make you feel great. Allow that to be your motivation to begin.

Remember it took me a while to dial in my magic morning routine and there are days when I don’t get it all in during the morning but I like to find ways to add each aspect into my day. So if I can’t get my movement in the morning I look at my day to see where I can schedule it in.

If you work early in the morning or find it challenging to get all of this in. Know that you don’t have to, start with one thing you want to incorporate in the morning. Can you read on your lunch break? walk the dog with a podcast when you get home from work? Meditate before bed? The idea is to use the tools that work for you in a way or time that works for your lifestyle. I do this routine because these tools ground me, give me clarity, inspiration, motivation, and allow me to feel really good in my body.

What does a healthy morning routine look like to you? Write it down and get inspired to create a life you love in a way that works for you. HAVE FUN WITH IT.

The Recipe



  1. Decide what you want your morning routine to look like and write it down.
  2. Make a plan to implement the changes you desire.
  3. Decide what time you are going to wake up each morning and commit to it.
  4. Hydrate. Drink a tall glass of water or lemon water and probiotics.
  5. Read. Make coffee or tea and read inspiring book while enjoying your coffee in peace.
  6. Meditate – each morning begin by connecting with your breath and find peace and clarity within. It is a beautiful way to tune into how you are feeling and listen to what your body needs.
  7. Pull cards – Check in with your body and ask the Universe or your guides for the message you need to hear today.
  8. Journal – a great tool to check in with how you are feeling, write affirmations or mantra’s, or write down what you are grateful for beginning your day with gratitude is the best way to start your day because you see everything that’s already whole and good. Bougie Journal Bonus is to write out what you want to manifest and why.
  9. Movement – move your body for a minimum of 30 minutes in a way that honours how your mind, body and soul is feeling that day.
  10. Nourishment – mindfully enjoy a breakfast that will fuel your day and allow you to feel your best.


  • Quality time. Find ways to share quality time with your partner or your kids.
  • Tune into the frequency of love. Begin your day and regularly check in to see if you are living in alignment with the way youwant to feel and when things go side ways tune into how I can return to love. Love is the ultimate frequency.

    If you found this article helpful I would love to know what you think in the comment below. Pick one thing that resonated the most and begin there, remember it’s about enjoying the journey not rushing to a far off destination.

    If you have a great tip that I missed I would love it if you could share in the comments below.

    In love and light,