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We dive into deeper conversation and explore topics on nutrition, wellness, spirituality, energy work, healing, body image, mindset, personal growth, relationships, habits, and manifesting your wildest dreams to create a life you love. This podcast shares tools, resources, educational information, and wisdom to help inform and guide you on your journey to ultimate health and unconditional self-love. I am deeply passionate about sharing the infinite ways you can manifest, create and embody divine
health habits that nourish your soul.



Episode 52: Soul & Spiritual Awakening

This episode dives into the awakening process and how to honour and listen to your inner knowings. Dr. Laura Foster is a life and mindset coach to women, retired chiropractor, curator of ROOTS + The Sisterhood, yoga teacher, podcaster, retreat leader and founder of Soul Inspired Gurl. Simply put, she is on a mission to lead women back to themselves and transform the way we show up in the world one bold and courageous step at a time. Tune into episode #52: iTunes Spotify Google Play Stitcher In this episode: – Dr. Laura shares her story – The awakening process and listening to the intuitive nudges – Ask, are you overstaying? – Courageously walking your path and sharing your truth – Projections – you don’t have to hold other people’s projections on your own life […]
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Episode 51: Mindset & Manifestation Now

In this episode we dive into all things mindset and manifestation so you can create your dreams, desires, and anything you want. This week’s guest expert Becca Nicolls is a Mindset & Health Coach who is passionate about helping women take control of their minds and bodies so they can create a life they love. Tune into episode #51: iTunes Spotify Google Play Stitcher In this episode: – Becca’s story and how she became inspired to create her dream life and become to become a fitness and mindset coach – Why mindset is SO important, like literally the first step in creating change – The connection between mindset and manifestation – How we are always manifesting just sometimes we are not conscious of what we are calling in – Common mistakes when it comes to […]
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Getting to the heart of your Divine Self & Health.

Pam Rocca is a health & soul coach, author, registered yoga teacher, and intuitive reiki practitioner. She is fiercely passionate about inspiring women to find healthy, loving connections to their higher selves. Through her coaching, retreats, women’s circles and this podcast she has helped many women courageously build their desired health, soul and life goals.

Having gone through her own spiritual awakening she believes in the importance of listening to your intuition and the wisdom of your body from a place of self-love and divine curiousity.


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