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Episode 105: Sober Journey Truth Bombs with Dr. Janet McMordie

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In this episode, guest expert Dr. Janet McMordie shares her sober journey. We dive into the good, bad, the ugly, truths, and hardships with giving up alcohol for good. This conversation is real, authentic, and inspiring, we hope you enjoy it as much as we loved recording it.

Dr. Janet McMordie is a Sport & Exercise Medicine Physician with specialty training in Women’s Sexual Health. She completed medical school, family medicine residency, and sport medicine fellowship at McMaster University.  She holds a diploma in Sports Medicine from the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine (CASEM).  She is a member of the International Society for the Study of Women’s Sexual Health.

She is frequently asked to be the team physician for some of Canada’s top sports organizations and was recently the Chief Medical officer for Team Canada’s sports delegation to the Winter Universiade in Lake Placid and traveled with Team Canada to the Para Pan Am Games in Santiago, Chile.

Outside of medicine, Janet is an actor, stunt performer, and podcast host. Her podcast, Second Act Actors, celebrates individuals who changed careers into acting later in life and just celebrated their second birthday! She is an avid kayaker, an Irish flute player, and a plodder (read: very slow runner).

Tune into episode #105:

In This Episode:

  • Dr. Janet shares her story and relationship with alcohol
  • The hardest parts of sobriety
  • The best parts of sobriety
  • The lies or misconceptions from the sober community
  • Is it positively or negatively affecting your life – the big question that makes it so simple to find clarity on your relationship with alcohol
  • The truths you didn’t know you needed to hear
    and so much more!

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There are so many grey areas with drinking, you don’t have to be diagnosed as someone with alcohol use disorder to question your relationship with alcohol. Alcohol also doesn’t discriminate, it is a highly addictive substance so even if you start with the best intentions it can sink its claws into even the most professional people. This is important to bring to your attention because there used to be so many stigmas or Stereotypes around people giving up alcohol or going sober. More and more people are realizing the harmful effects of alcohol on your physical, mental, and emotional health.

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