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Episode 76: My Experience with Micro-dosing

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In this episode, I share my experience with micro-dosing. Why I tried it, how it’s helped and what I’ve learned so far.

Disclaimer I am not a professional or expert and I am not recommending anything, I am sharing my experience and holding the space for conversations like this one where we can all learn from each other and grow.

Tune into episode #76:

In this episode:

– What is micro-dosing?
– Recommended dose or amount for a beginner
– What will it feel like? It depends on the stain of psilocybin or combination. Do your research and pick what feels aligned with your intention.
– I really loved Glow from Vellum Health and I am excited to try  heal next, there are also blends for mental focus and clarity and so much more
– Can you drive? Technically yes, because a micro-dose doesn’t produce a psychedelic effect I choose not to for the time being so it’s an individual decision
– Where can you purchase your product?

I love Vellum Health

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