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Episode 104: March Collective Energy Update

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In this episode, I share a channeled collective energy update that came through quiet strongly. I don’t often share messages like this on the podcast because I share daily readings on my Instagram and TikTok accounts but this message really wanted to be shared.

Host Pam Rocca
 – An intuitive energy worker and healer, clairvoyant, oracle reader and reiki practitioner. I love to help clients and the community step into the most healed, happiest and highest version of yourselves, by sharing collective energy updates the goal is to help you work with yourself and the energy to create the best possible outcomes for yourself. If you have any questions about any updates, energies or anything at all please reach out.

Tune into episode #104:

In This Episode:

  • Look to into your shadows to find the greatest place for soul growth and expansion (shadow is the part of you that you don’t deem good or loveable), or look to the thing your intuition or soul is calling you to change or update but you are avoid looking at it
  • Huge energy of soul growth and change
  • Look to the deep subconscious for reprogramming new neural pathways
  • The significance of positive reinforcement when creating change
  • The significance of your mindset when creating change
  • The in-between or acclimatization period
  • Faith over frustration
  • Pouring into yourself as you upgrade – what would be nourish nectar or medicine for your mind, body and soul
  • Frequency upgrades requiring more attention on soul care and self-care
  • Earth’s frequency rising – New Earth energy
    and so much more

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