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Episode 103: Hypnosis, Heart Coherence & Healing with Clarissa Paige

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In this episode, we dive into hypnosis, heart coherence, inner child healing and so  much more with guest expert Clarissa Paige. This is such a jam-packed episode with so much wisdom, I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Clarissa Paige
 – A Clinical Consulting Hypnotist, HeartMath Practitioner, and Mental Health Coach for the OJHL Aurora Tigers, who walks alongside her clients as they explore their inner world. Assisting them in transmitting limiting beliefs into self-love through developing a deep relationship with their heart and all the memories stored within it. Through her own experience of feeling depleted, over-extending her energy, and having negative, overwhelming thoughts, Clarissa learned the power of giving back to yourself first and foremost. With her education, personal experiences, and work with a wide variety of clients, she has learned we are all looking for one thing; LOVE. This has been the guiding light in creating her business, Simcoe Hypnosis & Holistic Health, and has allowed her to help people overcome anxiety, depression, mental health challenges, physical challenges, alleviate dependency on medications & drugs, and so much more.

Tune into episode #103:

In This Episode:

  • Clarissa shares her story of how she got into this line of work and healing
  • What is hypnosis and how can it help you on your healing journey
  • What is heart coherence?
  • Significance of understanding heart coherence on your healing journey
  • What is inner child healing?
  • What happens when the inner child blinds you
  • Mood disorders – emotions – anxiety, depression and ADHD & healing

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Instagram: Simcoe Hypnosis

Website: Home | Simcoe Hypnosis

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