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Episode 46: Energy Healing, Empaths & Emotional Health

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In this episode we dive into juicy topics on emotional health, empaths, trauma and energy healing. Aspen is an Intuitive coach and Energy Healer who helps Women Heal their past, break through their limiting beliefs and step into the incredible life they are meant to lead. Guys can you see why I was so stoked to have her on the podcast?

Aspen Robinson is the founder of August Knox Coaching and offers a variety of resources and modalities to help you on your healing journey.

Tune into episode #46:

In this episode:

  •  – Aspen’s story and how she became passionate about helping others heal and grow
  • – A message from Aspen for people who are carrying trauma and wanting to begin their healing journey
  • – Triggers
  • – Why you should create a safe space in your home
  • – The biggest act of self-love
  • – What is emotion and body code
  • – What is trauma? (I love Aspen’s definition – it helps you completely understand this subject clearly)
  • – How trauma and unhealed emotions can cause physical disease
  • – What are empath’s?
  • – Empath’s have a super power
  • – Myths about Empath’s – they are not weak, overly sensitive, built from trauma etc.
  • – It’s hard to be healthy when you are not healed
  • – How to create healthy boundaries and why it’s so important (especially for Empath’s)
  • – Creating boundaries are not selfish, they are how we communicate how we want to be loved and treated (people won’t wonder how to treat us)
  • – Taking ownership and personal responsibility for your healing journey
  • – Different ways you can begin to take the first step on your healing journey if you are new to healing (Aspen shares a lot of sage advice on how to start for free and on your own)
  • – Energy work – how it can help get you to the root
  • – Healing can be gentle and loving, you don’t have to force it
  • – Each emotion has its own range of emotion and meaning – understanding the message your body is trying to communicate to you – the importance of witnessing emotions
  • – How to move through the emotional scale to improve your emotional health without bypassing your emotions
  • – A message from Aspen for someone in the middle of their healing journey and feel like they might never make it through
  • – Know you are stronger than you think you are, you are doing it right and you will make it through
  • – Something in us always get us off the floor – the only way out is through
  • – What does unhealed trauma look and feel like?
  • – If you are human you have some form of trauma, a moment that took you away from who you are
  • – Aspen shares how she works with and helps clients
  • – Tuning into your energy body and emotional body for healing – investing in yourself
  • – The physical body gets stuck a lot of time because of the lack of care for the other areas of health
  • – The connection between the energetic body, emotions and physical body

With Love,