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Episode 47: Nutrition & Lifestyle Factors For Healthier Cycles

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This episode dives into nutrition for your cycle, how to have a healthier menstrual cycle, the effects of restrictions on your cycle, the impact of lifestyle factors and your cycle, and how to work with your body for a happier, healthier period.

Dr. Ashley Dwyer is a Pharmacist, ACE Certified Health Coach, and former NPC athlete who after going through a slew of her own health issues due to extreme lifestyle habits, left the traditional Western medical model to start her own company and really help others through holistic healing. Her team, Team BDN coaching, specializes in holistic nutrition, macro tracking, metabolic restoration, fitness plans, accountability, and community, helping women eat more and reach their goals. Ashley is also certified in Health Mindset Coaching, Functional Nutrition, and Metabolic Science. Her goal is to help as many individuals as she can feel their best and reverse years of metabolic adaptation.

Tune into episode #47:

In this episode:

  • – Dr. Dwyer shares her story on how and why  she moved from being a Pharmacist into a Holistic Nutrition Coach
  • – Why body building shows can be detrimental to your overall health (and why it’s not attainable to look like that all the time)
  • – The health effects of NPC show’s on your hormones and health
  • – Why 1200 calories per day are typically never enough for women, and the harm restriction can do to your body, menstrual cycle, basal metabolic rate, and hormones.
  • – Foods to support your cycle
  • – Lifestyle factors that can affect your cycle, and insight on how to improve those factors
  • and so much more!

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