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Episode 41: Sustainable Fat Loss

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This episode we talk all about healthy and sustainable Fat Loss without restriction, calorie counting and learning to work with your body with guest expert Nicole Hagen.

Nicole Hagen is a Nutritionist and has her Master’s in Nutrition Science and is an online Women’s Fat Loss Coach and the host of the Health, Wellth, and Wisdom Podcast.

Tune into episode #41:

In this episode:

  • Nicole shares her story and why she became so passionate about becoming a Nutritionist. She also shed’s some light on the one big mistake she sees most women make when it comes to fat loss.
  • Why you need to stop looking for the one right thing that is going to “fix you”.

Why weighing your lowest doesn’t always equal the healthiest, happiest version of you and strategies for lasting fat loss without outrageous restriction.

What is the messy middle between tracking and intuitive eating? and how it can help you.

Learn how to build a plate to create healthy fat loss. If you can’t see yourself sticking with it, it’s not a worthwhile pursuit. Anything you do for a short period of time will only produce short term results.

Why it’s important to ask yourself “what way do I want to eat for the rest of my life?” and why sustainable is the sexiest thing when it comes to fat loss.

Why you can ditch calorie counting and the methodology behind it, and how lifestyle factors affect fat loss as well as so much more!

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