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Episode 69: Cultivating Healthy Boundaries For the Holidays

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This episode is all about creating healthy boundaries over the Holidays so you can feel your best through this magical season.

Often around the Holiday’s the podcast will share ways to stick with your health goals tune into Episode #61 and Episode #4 for more inspiration. However, I realized these tips focused more on the physical aspect of health – nutrition, movement, sleep, hydration etc. Another major focus over the holidays should be stress management and letting go of things that don’t serve your highest good for your mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

After talking with Dr. Lisa last week about the impossible standards placed on women and how we are story keepers, I decided to do a story telling episode of the 5 boundaries I put into place this year to protect my peace over this season. The idea is that it opens up the conversation and thought process for YOU to create the boundaries you need to protect your peace of mind this month.  

This is a solo episode with Host Pam Rocca. I invite you to get curious about what boundaries you want to implement this holiday season so you can let go of the things that drain you.

Tune into episode #69:

In this episode:

  • I share 5 boundaries I’ve created to help keep my peace over the Holidays 
  • What are boundaries? and how to understand when you need to implement one
  • Why it’s important not to play the comparison game ever over the Holidays or online
  • Why it’s important to keep showing up for your health over the holidays and not just your physical health – tapping into what you need mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually 

This is a beautiful reminder that you get to pick the holiday traditions that you want to partake in, you do not have to do anything that does not align with you.

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