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Episode 70: Intro to the Chakras Your Energetic Spine

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This episode is an introduction to the 7 Chakras in your body. They are a system of energy centres that support your spiritual life in a similar way that the spine supports your physical body. 

After The Chakras are your energetic spine that flows with life force energy. In this episode you will learn more about where they are in your body and why it is so valuable to understand what they are, the meaning for each centre and how energetic blocks can affect you. I like to think of the Chakras as your energy anatomy system. 

Tune into episode #70:

In this episode:

  • Learn about the 7 Chakra’s in the body
  • 1 – Root Chakra- Red – Base of Spine – Meaning – stability, safety, support, family, survival, structures, grounding, security (shadow unsafe, lack in security or feeling supported, lack of structure, ungrounded)
  • 2 – Sacral Chakra- Orange – Womb Space – Meaning – pleasure, creativity, money, sex, connection to your creative and sexual energy (shadow shame, fear, guilt)
  • 3 – Solar Plexus – Yellow – Belly Button and right above – Meaning – self-esteem, will power, self- worth, ability to know yourself authentically, empowered (shadow disempowerment, low self-worth, low will power)
  • 4 – Heart Chakra- Green – Heart Area in the Chest – Meaning – love, emotions, forgiveness, unconditional love, worthy of love (shadow – feelings of abandonment or unworthy of love)
  • 5 – Throat Chakra – Blue – Throat – Meaning – communication, choice, self-expression, the ability to know and speak your truth (shadow – fear in sharing your truth or speaking up for yourself)
  • 6 – Third Eye Chakra – Purple – Between Eyebrows (over Pineal Gland) – Meaning – intellect, wisdom, intuition, imagination, connection to your inner guidance (shadow self- doubt, disconnected, letting thoughts override intuition or overriding that gut feeling)
  • 7 – Crown Chakra – Violet or White – Crown of the Head – Meaning Your relationship with the divine,  your connection to source/God/Universe (shadow – get in way of connection or ignoring connection)
  • A bit of story telling on how I learned about the Chakras and how I incorporate them into my daily living and spiritual practices for alignment, healing and growth

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