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Episode 84: Manifestation & The 7 Laws of Attraction

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In this episode, I expand upon episode # 73 where I shared how to use the 12 Universal Laws to Manifest. Today we are talking about the 7 Laws of Attraction and how to work with them today so you can attract what you desire. I also share my life experiences with manifestation, I share because I know it works. I use myself as a human science experiment and trial and error things so I can share what works.  I hope to be an expander to anyone who is looking to level up their life and their manifestations. If I can do it, so can you.

Tune into episode #84:

Manifestation is all the rage right now and I love it because it teaches and helps people understand how powerful they are at creating their reality and life. 

I will say it over and over again, you are a powerful manifester. So if you do not like your current reality, it means you need to upgrade your thoughts, language and beliefs to match what you do ACTUALLY want. 

I love using the Universal Laws to help simplify manifestation and help you learn how to be a better manifester. Again, it’s not for the “manifestation” it’s all about who you become, creating a life you enjoy right now while on your way to call in more of what you love. You are the author of your life, what does this chapter look and feel like?

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