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Episode 83: Benefits of Mushrooms & Micro-Dosing with May from Vellum Health

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In this episode we dive into the benefits of mushrooms and micro-dosing with May, she is one of the co-owners of Vellum Health. Even if you are not into micro-dosing, you will definitely get something valuable out of this episode, we dive into a lot on healing & self-love.

Vellum Health is a company that makes micro-dosing simple,  safe and effective. They are a Canadian company with products that are organically and sustainably produced. Their products are hand crafted, small batch, multiple blends and strains, vegan, ethical packaging and cultivator to consumer (c2C) business model.

Tune into episode #83:

In this episode:

– May shares her story and how Vellum began
– The significance of the name Vellum
– Mental health and micro-dosing
– Healing and micro-dosing
– Dosing recommendations
– Benefits of micro-dosing
– The absence of all of the unwanted thoughts (the under current of thoughts)
– Neurogenesis 
– Neuroplastisity 
– The absence of stress, overwhelm, distress 
– Micro-dosing is anti addictive 
– It’s bringing you into closer contact with what’s happening in your life
– This isn’t a magic pill – it’s helping you build capacity
– The importance of stacking
– Making a choice on where you want your thoughts to go
– Benefits of lions main
– Benefits of red reishi mushrooms
– Product education – GLOW blend, HEAL blend, ENHANCE blend
– Protocols 
– Track your awareness
– Ceremonial mushrooms 
– Trip sitters
– Benefits of macro-dosing (trip dose)
– Inner child healing
– Your healing 100% ripples out to people around you
– Compassion and sincerity
– If we don’t actually know ourselves our needs can never be met
– Understanding yourself and loving yourself the ultimate gift

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