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Episode 59: Breathwork & Healing with Leah Pardee

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This episode dives into the power of harnessing your breath and breathwork for healing with guest expert Leah Pardee.

Leah Pardee is a Breathwork Guide, Alignment Mentor and host of the Bare Naked Soul Podcast. She teaches you how to move through fear so you can manifest your dreamiest, juiciest, most fully expressed life. Leah is also the author or the Heal Your Sh*t Journal and her newly released memoir Confessions of an Uncaged Soul

Tune into episode #59:

In this episode:

  • Leah shares her story and how she got into breathwork
  • What is breathwork?
  • Benefits of breathwork?
  • Breathwork and healing
  • Letting healing be easy and getting out of your comfort zone
  • How to begin your breathwork journey
  • Mindset and aging
  • When to try a guided breathwork session or class
  • Leah has a membership site for breathwork – check it out for a free 7 day trial
  • Conscious connected breathwork
  • Breathwork and manifestation
  • The Science of breathwork
  • Nervous system- fight or flight and repressed emotions
  • Stress and illness
  • Breathwork and mental health

Breath Book by James Nester

Follow Leah on Instagram: @itsleahpardee

The free 7 day trail breath portal:

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