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Episode 60: Improve Your Self-Identity, Improve Your Life with Rachel Molenda

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Episode 60 is all about improving your self-identity to improve your life with returning Guest Expert Rachel Molenda. Rachel was on the podcast back in December of 2021 in episode #15 where we chatted about dismantling diet culture and improving your body image. Back then she was an Intuitive Eating & Body Image Coach.

Rachel is a hugely successful Self-Image Coach and Motivational Speaker. Her signature program Self-Identity Script Writing is changing lives, click the link below in the show notes to check out and sign up for her workshop and save 10% by using the code: DIVINEHEALTH as a gift for being a listener of the podcast. 

Tune into episode #60:


In this episode:

  • Rach shares what has changed in her life since we chatted last year (what a difference one year can make!)
  • What is self-identity and Self-Identity Script Writing
  • Biggest manifestations of Script Writing
  • Ways to avoid lack mindset and manifestation 
  • How to act as if – Rachel’s new program will be launching soon so stay tuned
  • The importance of your environment 
  • Energetic alignment – Get into the energy so that it can come to you – Attraction, Abundance and Gratitude (law of polarity)
  • Biggest block Rachel sees with women she works with – realistic and worthiness
  • Create and educate from the heart
  • Check-in with how you are feeling first – avoid distraction and comparison
  • Universal truths
  • Create a story that SERVES YOU!

    Upgrade your self-identity, upgrade your life. 

Link to the Self-Identity Script Writing Workshop: 

The code is: DIVINEHEALTH for 10% off

Connect with Rach:


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