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Episode 61: Healthy Eating & Mindset for the Holidays with Maya Eid

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As we head into the Holiday season I wanted to share an episode with all kinds of mindset, nutrition and healthy living tips and inspiration so you can head into the Holiday feeling your best and still feel great on Tuesday Morning. 

I brought back guest expert and Certified Nutritionist Maya Eid to share more of her wisdom with all of you. She shares all kinds of wisdom and helpful information to leave you feeling fabulous at the end of the weekend and to continue this mindset through the rest of the Holiday season.

Maya Eid is a certified Nutrionist who helps women achieve a balanced, satisfying relationship with food and their body without the restriction. Follow her @maya_Nutrition on Instagram.

Tune into episode #61:

In this episode:

  • Maya shares the biggest self-sabotaging behaviour she sees with most clients and women around the Holidays
  • Mindset shifts to show up in a way that serves you over the Holidays
  • Tips for healthy eating during the Holidays
  • Setting an intention for yourself for the weekend
  • The Importance of setting boundaries
  • Tips to avoid overeating around the Holidays and get togethers
  • Tips to avoid over drinking over the Holidays
  • What would your future self be proud of your for?
  • How did your past Holidays go? can you use that information as data or feedback on how you want to navigate the Holidays this year? and so much more!

Follow Maya on Instagram for more nutrition and health information: @maya_nutrition


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