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Episode 62: Fall in Love with Moving Your Body Regularly with Virginia Gingras

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Are you looking to add more consistent movement into your life? And actually enjoy it? If so this episode is for you. Even if movement is already part of your divine health routine I know that you will still find something of value in this episode with guest expert Virginia Gingras.

Virginia was born in Cape Breton Nova Scotia, and grew up surrounded by trees and water and quickly grew to love the outdoors. She graduated from Acadia University with a Kinesiology Degree, followed by an Education Degree and then her Master’s in Educational Leadership shortly afterward. For 15 years, she was immersed in the education system holding various roles.

As an advocate for positive mental health and wellness, she shifted gears 8 years ago and opened up her own yoga and wellness. Having suffered from depression and an eating disorder in her past, she knows all too well the importance of maintaining her positive mental health and now has dedicated her career to sharing her story and promoting loving yourself just as is.

As a yoga & fitness instructor and Ultra Marathoner, she loves and values all aspects of wellness. Competing in various road, trail and mountain bike events over the past 20 plus years has challenged her both mentally and physically, keeping her mind fresh and heart open to embrace the ever changing world around her. 

Tune into episode #62:

In this episode:

  • Learn how to add movement into your life consistently
  • Learn how to fall in love with movement and actually enjoy it so you want to keep doing it
  • Benefits of movement
  • Movement and mental health
  • The gift of movement – such an important message
  • The golden size
  • Healing
  • Healthy coping mechanisms

Connect with Virginia:

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