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Episode 8: Gut Health

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This episode dives into all things gut health and healing. Learn the 3 thing that can harm your gut health and ways that you can heal your gut.

Kim Taschereau is a certified nutrition practitioner (CNP) and gut health expert.

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In this episode:

  • – tips for improving gut health through food, supplements and lifestyle choices
  • – signs and symptoms of poor gut health 
  • – top 3 things that can negatively affect your gut health
  • – how sugar is negatively affecting your gut health, ways to reduce and eliminate sugar
  • – the affects of alcohol on gut health and your body 
  • – Kim shares a great tip on simplifying eating eating while grocery shopping 
  • – how any why poor gut health might be harming your mood and mental or emotional health
  • – did you know that 70 % of your immune system comes from your gut??
  • – Kim shares an interesting tip on plastics and how to reduce your use of plastics and why
  • – Kim’s favourite Book – Eating on the Wild Side by:
  • Joe Robinso

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