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Episode 36: Human Design, Gene Keys & Shadow Work

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In this episode we go into a deeper conversation talking about shadow work, Gene Keys, Human Design and telling your story. Don’t fear shadow work it can often help empower you to find the gift and liberate you into the life you are excited to create.

Lindsay Anderson is the CEO of My Core Collective and runs programs based on human design, shadow work and wealth so women can uncover their keys to success in business and Life.

Marsha Vanwynberghe is a Storytelling Business Coach helping women to heal, own and write their stories and build a profitable business online. She uses her Human Design to help her in her own business and helps others to do the same. Marsha is also an author and podcast host of Own Your Choices Own Your Life and Every Body Has a Story.

Tune into episode #36:

In this episode:

  • – Marsha and Lindsay’s share their stories on how they got to where they are today – how to go from feeling at rock bottom to successful entrepreneurs. 
  • – Shame stories and how to take your power back
  • – How to use your rock bottom and see it as a blessing and trust that you are on the right path
  • – Marsha shares her message on how to pick yourself up from rock bottom – you have to initiate what you desire to the Universe 
  • – We are not suppose to know the how so let go and stop waiting to be ready – claim what you want and let go of what you don’t want
  • – Why/how to take responsibility for your choices
  • – Understanding you are not a victim of circumstance 
  • – Feel your feelings even when they are uncomfortable and then do one thing that will make you feel a little bit better or to move you forward
  • – Focus on where your energy is and make a choice that works for you not against you
  • – Call in support, know you don’t have to do this all on your own
  • – Your soul is not sent here to not have struggles or hardships, it is part of the journey and actually helps you grow, learn and become stronger
  • – How human design has helped Lindsay and Marsha build, scale and grow their businesses
  • – What is shadow work? why should you do your shadow work and how it can help you
  • – How to embrace and love all parts of yourself
  • – What are Gene Keys? What they tell you and how understanding yours can help you in your purpose, relationship and to bring in prosperity (money) into your career 
  • – What is scripting? How you can make it work for you.
  • – Why sometimes affirmations and gratitude just doesn’t work and what to do instead if it’s not working for you
  • – How to stop outsourcing your power and find validation within – let go of the paradigms and stories that are limiting you
  • – How do you want to feel each day? can you create your script from that place
  • – Learn about Lindsay and Marsha’s upcoming program Successful & Satisfied my heading to mycorecollective for all the details

With Love,