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Episode 68: Navigating & Embracing Midlife with Dr. Lisa Petty

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This episode is all about navigating, embracing, and enjoying midlife with guest expert and midlife alchemist Dr. Lisa Petty.

Dr. Lisa wrote the book Forget About Having it All – The Midlife Women’s Guide To Creating The Life You want. Her book explores the myth of having it all and the social expectations that hold women to an impossible standard. She shares how women can unplug from the programming that tells them what they should want, so they can focus on creating more of what you actually want in their lives.  After hearing about this book and hitting 40 this year I knew I had to have Dr. Lisa on the podcast to share her wisdom with women. 

Dr. Lisa is an author and teacher who specializes in helping women navigate midlife. Following an extensive career in nutrition and preventative health, she earned her PhD in Applied Health Sciences (Social and Cultural Health). 

Tune into episode #68:

In this episode:

  • Dr. Lisa shares her story on what inspired her to get her PhD and why she is so passionate about what she is doing
  • What changes happen during midlife and how to navigate them
  • Why many women get to midlife and feel burnt out, exhausted, unfulfilled or unhappy
  • How to begin to let go of the unrealistic expectations placed on women 
  • How to tune into the wisdom of your body and the history on why this is so important
  • Knowing what is your North star?
  • Women as story keepers – and why we need to open up and share more wisdom to help each other thrive
  • How to find your purpose or not
  • The power of our connection to nature
  • How to see aging as a gift and blessing and not as something to fear or dread
  • Holding, nourishing and protecting your dreams
  • Get started in creating your dream life
  • Giving yourself permission – who do you want to be? 

Trust me even if you are not in midlife yet you will still find something of value in this episode.

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