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Episode 67: Easy Ways to Meal Prep with Laura Mierzwa

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This episode contains helpful tips and ways to incorporate meal prep into your lifestyle. Guest expert Laura Mierzwa shares how to make meal prep work for you, the benefits and how to get your family involved. 

Laura Miezwa is a nutritionist whose passion is to inspire women to learn how to take care of their bodies on a deeper level. Through profoundly nourishing your body, living intentionally and shaping your lifestyle to fully support yourself and your health, Laura is there to for you along your journey. With 1:1 coaching, meal plans, lifestyle and food guidelines and so much more you will have all the tools and resources you need right at your fingertips within your private client portal.

Tune into episode #67:

In this episode:

  • Laura shares her story and what inspired her to become a nutritionist and why she started meal prepping
  • How Laura’s culinary nutrition expert program merged nutrition knowledge with meal prep
  • Tips on how to make meal prep work for you and your lifestyle 
  • There is no one way to do meal prep – find a way that works for you
  • How to plan and prepare to get nourishment in your week 
  • Time management for meal prep
  • Reach out and ask for help if you are part of a family 
  • Benefits of meal prep
  • How Laura does meal prep for her and the family
  • Ways to avoid food waste
  • How to cook and meal prep on a budget
  • How to prep and store fruits and vegetables
  • How to store your food so you actually eat it
  • The importance of a well-stocked pantry, how to organize your pantry and what to have in your pantry
  • How to snack prep if you have kids
  • How meal prep helps you stick with your nutrition goals
  • Inner mindset and language around your health habits and goals and the importance of a backup plan
  • How to have fun with meal prep and get your kids involved
  • Building in flexibility around meal prep

“Cook once, eat 3 or hopefully 4 times” Laura’s Mantra

Connect with Laura Website info:

Instagram: @mealprepped.mama

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