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Episode 66: Boost Your Immune System with Hope Pedraza

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We are entirely into cold and flu season here in Canada, so I wanted to share an episode on natural ways you can boost your immune system.  Today’s guest expert Hope Pedraza shares many ways to support your body’s immunity through foods, lifestyle habits, supplements, and what to avoid. 

Hope is a Certified Holistic Nutritionist, a Functional DIagnosstic Nutrition Practitioner, the founder of inBalance a pilates-based fitness franchise, and the host of the Hopeful and Wholesome podcast. She helps women get to the root of their chronic conditions with functional labs and balancing their mind, body, and soul.

Tune into episode #66:

In this episode:

  • Hope shares her story and what inspired her to become a Certified Holistic Nutritionist
  • We dive into foods that boost immunity and how they help support the body
  • Foods to avoid that cause inflammation and can lower your immune system 
  • Lifestyle habits that support your immune system
  • The number one stressor on your immune system is stress, ways to cope with stress and stress management techniques so you can help your body return your body back to homeostasis
  • Importance of sleep and sleep hygiene
  • How mindfulness can help your immune system
  • Supplements that can support your body’s immune system – everything you need to know
  • Caster Oil Packs – What are they and how can they support your body –  Caster Oil Queen
  • Living the Goodlife Naturally – magnesium supplement recommendation
  • Book recommendation – Why Woo Woo Works
  • Importance of listening and trusting your intuition when it comes to your health

Connect with Hope on Instagram: @thehopepedraza

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