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Episode 10: The Importance of A Beginner’s Mindset

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This episode dives how and why you should adopt a beginner’s mindset when approaching and creating change.

This solo Friday quickie episode.

Tune into episode #43:

In this episode:

In today’s Fun Friday Divine Health Quickie I share an important lesson in the importance of adopting a beginners mindset to approaching change and life. 

This episode was inspired by an experience I had this week where expectation, perfectionism, attachment and possibly fear clouded my judgment and took the fun out of something I love and enjoy. Tune in to hear how I reflected and shifted my perspective to a healthier growth mindset. 

Often times when we are trying to make changes in our lives we can think it’s this one big things we need to do but the way to transformation is small consistent efforts daily. That’s the secret, small consistent effort, embrace the beginners mindset, love yourself where you are at and don’t give up or break your word with yourself. 

With Love,