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Episode 22: All Things Joyous Health

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This episode dives into all things health and wellness with Joy. Get inspired to embody your highest health and wellness as a fun lifestyle with tips and education from Joy.

Joy McCarthy is the inspiring and engaging founder of Joyous Health, she is also a best selling Author and a leading health expert for North America’s leading publications, television and radio shows. Joy’s passion and excitement for helping people live healthier, happier lives comes across in everything she does. She has a knack for taking complicated nutrition and health information and delivering in a really accessible way.

Tune into episode #22:

In this episode:

  • – Joy shares her story and health journey, she also shares how she found natural health and how she became so passionate about helping people live healthier lives
  • – Joy shares what is means to embody Joyous Health and what it looks and feels like in her opinion (learn how you can create your own version of Joyous or Divine Health and how to emboy that now)
  • – She shares why you need to show up for yourself and your health daily, benefits and reminders on why you should make yourself a priority on your health journey
  • – Why your are your best nutritionist – listening to what works for you and your body
  • – Joy’s best piece of advice on what YOU SHOULD NOT DO on your health journey and why
  • – She also shares her best piece of advice on what YOU SHOULD DO on your nutrition and health journey – follow your body’s intuition and wisdom, learn to eat for nourishment and nutrition
  • – Why you should focus on what you are adding in and what you can eat and less of what you can’t, learn what foods are great to take a break from
  • – Joy shares her thoughts and process on meal plan and meal prep
  • – Learn simple nutrition from Joy’s point of view, what you can begin to do today to eat healthier, learn the basic
  • – Why you should get more variety in your vegetables
  • – Why detox? should everyone do a detox and why?
  • – Joy shares her favourite tips for how parents can help their children eat healthier
  • – Joy shares why she started her Green Beauty products, why she’s so passionate about sharing Green Beauty products and information and resources for you to educate yourself on your beauty products
  • – I asked Joy a personal question on fear, & how she continues to grow her company, you will want to hear her response, she also helps to share ways you can feel more confident in yourself today

With Love,