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Episode 79: How to Stay Consistent with Your Health Habits

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In this episode we dive into why consistency is so important in create health habits that last. It also translates into creating a life you desire and design, which is pretty potent & powerful.

This is a solo episode where I share some of the strategies the have helped so many coaching clients (and myself) create habits that stick. These helpful methods can help you overcome the hurdles or barriers that come up when life happens so you can maintain consistency in a way that works for you.

As a coach, I have seen it all and continue to help people meet themselves where they are at and build healthy habits that allow each person to feel their best.

Tune into episode #79:

In this episode:

– What is consistency?
– Why it is so important to understand yourself and who you are
– Consistency = stability 
– Consistency = agreement or harmony – ask yourself does your life feel harmonious?
– Creating a solid foundation in your health practices
– It’s hard to form habits that stick and last when you lack consistency
– Are you current habits nourishing your mind, body, soul?
– Why it’s important to “pay yourself first” with your health habits
– When you appreciate your body it’s easier to show up and really take care of it
– Importance of strength training, especially in women over 40
– What habits allow you to feel really good? get clear and create a plan to get them in consistently
– Work with yourself when it comes to creating consistent habits
– Understand your failures, there is so much helpful information for you 
– My hack on consistent strength training to create change that lasts
– When you prioritize the things that matter it’s not a choice of whether you will do the habit or not, you just get it in for example: brushing your teeth, showering, moving your body regularly etc.

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