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Episode 80: Your Spiritual Practices Are Your SuperPower

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Welcome to episode 80! In this episode I dive into why your spiritual practices are your superpower. I share some wisdom and a little storytelling on how my practices have enriched my life beyond measure.

This is a solo episode with me Pam Rocca, Intuitive, Soul Coach, Reiki Practitioner and Oracle Card Reader. All of my gifts were unlocked, strengthened and presented through a devotion or commitment to my spiritual practices. I want to share how these practices can help you too!

Tune into episode #80:

In this episode:

– What is spirituality? 
– Benefits of your spiritual practices
– The importance of carving out time to devote to your spiritual practices
– Spirituality for manifesting
– Spirituality is not a religion
– Your connection to divinity
– Law of oneness 
– Take responsibility for your life
– It’s your job to heal yourself
– Benefits of healing
and so much more!

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