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Episode 81: Inner Child Healing & Akashic Records with Morgan Fava

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In this episode, we dive into inner child healing, the akashic records, ancestors for healing, and death doulas with Morgan Fava. 

Morgan is a walker between worlds & your intuitive guide to the emotional realms. Her dharma is to be a Divine Feminine Wayshower and to pioneer women into the greatest mystery of all—death before Rebirth. 

Morgan stands for women in their power, pleasure + sacred birthright that screams out loud, “I get to have it all + I don’t have to pick + choose”.

She believe desire is a mystery put inside you by the divine and the truth is, it will challenge everything your mind holds sacred.

Tune into episode #81:

In this episode:

– Morgan shares her story and how she got to where she is today
– She shares what is inner child healing
– Why is inner child healing so important
– Does everyone benefit from inner child healing?
– What are the Akashic records?
– Benefits of working with the Askashic records
– Plant medicine benefits for healing when including integration
– Ancestors
– Connecting with ancestors for healing
– What is a death doula
– The benefits of a death doula and how they can support you
– Navigating grief
– Where to begin if you are just starting out on your healing journey

Connect with Morgan:

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