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Episode 78: Modern Psychedelics with Lana Pribic

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In this episode we dive into psychedelics with Lana Pribic. Lana is a 3x Certified Professional Life Coach through a world-renowned ICF-accredited institution (iPEC). She is also the founder & host of the popular podcast, Modern Psychedelics. Lana has dedicated her life to sharing psychedelics & plant medicines with the world through her podcast and coaching.

The psychedelic path saved Lana from depression, anxiety, and a life of feeling unworthy. She has devoted her life to this work because she has personally experienced how effectively psychedelics can catalyze growth, healing and connection.

As a coach, Lana partners with people who want to better their lives by deeply integrating insights from their psychedelic experiences. She believes that we don’t have to spend our entire lives healing, and that the purpose of life is to live in the present moment.

Lana lives in Ontario, Canada and enjoys reading books, nature walks, muay thai, yoga, participating in plant medicine ceremonies, electronic music and letting loose on the dance floor.

Tune into episode #78:

In this episode:

– Lana shares her story and how she got into coaching and plant medicine
– What are some modern psychedelics?
– What is ayahuasca?
– Trust when you are called to plant medicine or have that inkling on your heart
– Intentions and plant medicine
– Integration and plant medicine
– Rituals and ceremonies
– Mushrooms – psilocybin
– What is microdosing?
– It’s not a magic pill, it’s a tool for healing
– Intention and microdosing – common protocol
– Journal & track progress
– Therapy and microdosing
– Micro vs Macro-dosing
– Stir of ego vs call of the heart
– Iboga

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