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Episode 77: What We Have Learned After 20 Years in A Relationship with Dr.Mark Rocca

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This is a special episode where my husband and best friend Dr. Mark Rocca joins me to share the wisdom, lessons and ways we navigated hardship over the last 20 years together.

This episode wasn’t scripted it was a real honest conversation to share how we have grown our relationship into a healthier one. The reason we are sharing is:

1. A lot of you asked for us to do an episode together
2. Relationship are hard especially long-term ones
3. Maybe you will gain some wisdom and insight from our lessons & growth

Tune into episode #77:

In this episode:

– Mark shares his two biggest lessons – active listening & paying yourself first
– Mark shares how couples can drift by finding dopamine from other sources that are not from your wife and kids – he shares how he experimented with this and how you can healthily get your dopamine from yourself, partner and children
– Avoid playing tit for tat – you are a team -work together
– Have sex
– Heal yourself and take care of your stuff – it makes you a better human, partner and parent
– Don’t be afraid to have the hard conversations – this is your partner 
– What is active listening and how to create a safe space to have the hard conversations

Dr. Mark is a legendary Chiropractor, avid mountain biker, coffee lover, rad dad. He runs workshops for other healthcare and fitness practitioners, his next workshop is: Movement Foundations: Assessments and Corrective Strategies – level 1. It will be held in Barrie on March 4th, if you are interested in more details follow him below.

Instagram: @drmarkrocca or @roccaathleticdevelopment (RAD)

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