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Episode 44: Learn Human Design and Gene Keys

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In this episode we dive deeper into Human Design and Gene Keys with guest Expert Maria Henning. Your Human Design Chart is a system based on your date, time and place of birth. It is sometimes referred to as a holistic self-knowledge system. It combines astrology, the I Ching, Vedic philosophy and Kabbalah. It is displayed as a body graph and although it is not an intuitive chart the more you learn about your chart the more you understand yourself. The Gene Keys was created by Richard Rudd, the 64 Gene Keys are Universal Codes of life based on your DNA and the I Ching. It sends us on a voyage of Self-Illumination.

Maria Henning is the creator of the ultimate human design and gene key wiki-journal software called the Cosmic Compendium. She is also runs masterclasses on the gene keys and offers human design, gene keys and astro readings.

Tune into episode #44:

In this episode:

  • Maria shares how she got into human design and gene keys and where you can find your human design and gene keys profile.
  • Specific vs. Non-specific manifestors, what this means and where to find it on your chart.
  • The Blueprint of your energy, what HD and Gene Keys consist of and understand more about both systems.
  • We dive into the 3 Gene Key sequences – purpose, partnership and prosperity (genius, venus and pearl sequence)
  • Understanding channels and gates in Human Design.
  • What is contemplation and how it applies to the Gene Keys. Understanding that every shadow has a gift and that there is nothing bad about your shadow – find the gift within it.
  • Gene keys and frequency and so much more!

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