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Episode 43: Emotional Health & Healing

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This episode dives into all things emotional health, healing and spirituality with guest expert Laura Morrison. This is Laura’s second time on the podcast so if you haven’t listened to the first episode check out episode #7 first. This episode is a part 2 to that conversation on emotional health and spirituality.

Laura Morrison is an Energy Alchemist and Spiritual Coach here to help you on your soul’s journey and evolution.

Tune into episode #43:

In this episode:

  • – How to feel and move through your emotions in a healthy way
  • – How to know when you are spiritually bypassing your emotions
  • – The emotional scale
  • – The frequency connected to emotions and why it helps to understand this information
  • – How to begin or move through your healing journey
  • – Emotions and healing
  • – Manifestation

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