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Episode 16: Financial Health & Literacy Now

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This episode dives into all things financial health and literacy. If you are looking to understand and own or heal your money story this episode is for you. Learn how to make empowered choices with your money and get excited to see where your money is going and growing.

Amber Dugger is a cash flow and profitability coach to online businesses looking to gain clarity on where their money is going and how to best give it purpose, all while increasing profitability and impact.

Tune into episode #16:

In this episode:

  • How Amber changed from being a Health Coach and turned into a Money Coach for Entrepreneurs
  • How to heal your relationship with money
  • Amber shares the first step you should take to make empowered choices around money
  • Why you should give yourself grace when dealing with your finances and debt, and why you need to release grief, stress and any negative feelings around money
  • Why you should have a revenue goal – Do you have one currently?
  • Why you need to make the choice when it comes to understanding your finances
  • One of the biggest mistakes Amber see’s women do with their finances (she shares one for business owners too).
  • What is Amber’s Company Profit for Keeps is all about and more!

Connect with Amber Dugger or on Instagram @profit.with.amber There is also so much valuable free information over on her YouTube Channel check it out here:

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