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Episode 17: Adrenal, Thyroid & Hormonal Health

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This episode dives into adrenal, thyroid and hormonal health. Today’s guest exper Samantha shares her expertise on how stress affects your body and the impact it has on your adrenals & thyroid. Did you know this can have an impact on your metabolism too?

Samantha Gladish is a holistic nutritionist & women’s hormone & weight loss coach. She is also an author and business coach.

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In this episode:

  • – Samantha’s story and health/healing journey
  • – The impact the birth control pill can have
  • – Nutrition first when healing hormones, the role nutrition can have on your hormones
  • – How to simply balance your macronutrients
  • – Vitamins that can be diminished from the pill, supplements to replenish
  • – Why you need to have fat in your diet for hormonal health
  • – The role of protein and why it is so important
  • – How to choose good carbohydrates and why it matters
  • – Adrenal imbalances and why you need to be patient with healing
  • – What the Dutch test is, what it tests for and the information it can provide
  • – The effects of imbalanced blood sugar in your body
  • – The importance of stress management and self-care
  • – The importance of sleep and how to create a solid evening routine
  • – How lifestyle impacts our adrenals
  • – What happens in your body when you experience stress
  • – What happens when you hit burnout
  • – Stress and cravings
  • – High insulin effects on ovaries and hormones
  • – Understand the thyroid’s function on the body
  • – A quick stress management exercise
  • – The importance of hydration in your body, work up to 3 litres a day
  • – Why you should add minerals into your water, your adrenals need sodium & potassium
  • – The benefit of electrolytes and Samantha shares her favourite brands  – LMNT, Ener-C
  • – Why light exposure matters, another reason to get outside each day
  • – Supplements that can support your adrenals and thyroid
  • – Signs and symptoms of thyroid, adrenal or hormone imbalances
  • – What testing you should get done or look at if you have these signs and symptoms
  • – Health ranges for thyroid hormones
  • – Estrogen dominance
  • – The importance of being proactive and preventative with your health and more!

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