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Episode 14: Be Proactive With Your Health To Create Lasting Change

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This episode dives into the why behind your health, how and why you should be proactive and work with your body to create healthy changes that feel great and last for the long-term.

This is a solo episode where I share why it’s so important to be proactive with your health if you want to create lasting change.

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In this episode:

Enjoy another Divine Health Friday Quickie, in this episode I share why it’s important to be preventative and proactive with your health especially this time of year. 

As we move into the holiday’s ask yourself how you want to feel tomorrow, next week or January 1st and make choices today that are in alignment with the way you want to feel. 

Take some time to reflect if your health, financial or relationship choices or actions are serving you or if you need to make a few small changes. 
These episodes are designed to be small digestible information that can help to inspire you to make empowered choices around your entire life. 

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