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Episode 15: Dismantling Diet Culture with Rachel Molenda

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In this episode, we dive into all things diet culture and healing diet culture mentality with guest expert Rachel Molenda.

Rachel Molenda is an intuitive eating and body image coach and the host of the Fill Your Cup Podcast. She is on a mission to help women stop hating their bodies and feeling out of control around food. Rachel’s non-restrictive, intuitive eating approach to food has helped thousands of women put an end to emotional eating, binge eating and disordered eating and find effortless and enjoyable healthy ways of eating and living.

Tune into episode #15:

In this episode:

  • Rachel shares her story on why she got so passionate about helping women with intuitive eating
  • Why people don’t need to know more about health and nutrition
  • Why you need to uncover what is at the root of your food issues or body image issues
  • Why a deep desire to be loved and accepted might be at the root of your food and body image struggles
  • The difference between disordered eating and eating disorders
  • Are you masking disordered eating as “healthy”? Signs and Symptoms 
  • Why deprivation and restriction can cause binge eating 
  • Why you need to understand how smart and brilliant your body is and how you can tune in and support yourself
  • How to overcome food rules
  • How to become more intuitive with listening to your body and nourishing it properly
  • Become clear on why you are doing the things that you are doing, are they helpful or not? What needs to change and how can you implement that change?
  • How to dismantle diet culture
  • How you can  protect your kids from diet culture
  • Why you should be mindful of what you are allowing in your subconscious or life – what are you consuming?
  • Why there is nothing wrong with you or your body
  • How you can learn to embrace and really love your body
  • The importance of body diversity 
  • How you can get your body to place of neutrality – making peace with your body, listening to your body and finding what makes you feel fulfilled 
  • How to give yourself permission to eat all foods and why
  • Why you need to stop shoulding yourself
  • If you want to create different results for yourself you need to DARE TO DO THINGS DIFFERENTLY 
  • Dare to think about things differently and enjoy the process
  • Rachel shares her favourite way to fill her cup

Connect with Rachel Molenda on Instagram: @rachelmmolenda or @fillyourcuppodcast or on her website: 

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