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Episode 51: Mindset & Manifestation Now

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In this episode we dive into all things mindset and manifestation so you can create your dreams, desires, and anything you want.

This week’s guest expert Becca Nicolls is a Mindset & Health Coach who is passionate about helping women take control of their minds and bodies so they can create a life they love.

Tune into episode #51:

In this episode:

  • – Becca’s story and how she became inspired to create her dream life and become to become a fitness and mindset coach
  • – Why mindset is SO important, like literally the first step in creating change
  • – The connection between mindset and manifestation
  • – How we are always manifesting just sometimes we are not conscious of what we are calling in
  • – Common mistakes when it comes to manifesting
  • – Becca shares her 5 step process to manifesting – honestly so good so grab a note book and take notes during this episode
  • – Why it’s important to let go of the “How” when it comes to manifesting
  • – The importance of trust
  • – Angel numbers – remember that you are guided and supported and you can always ask for signs or guidance
  • – Manifestation and Gratitude
  • – The between confidence and manifestation
  • – Desires and dreams and why they are placed on your heart 
  • – Desires are the language of your soul – SO GOOD!
  • – Following your passion and intuition
  • – Becca shares her favourite personal development books

With Love,