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Episode 52: Soul & Spiritual Awakening

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This episode dives into the awakening process and how to honour and listen to your inner knowings.

Dr. Laura Foster is a life and mindset coach to women, retired chiropractor, curator of ROOTS + The Sisterhood, yoga teacher, podcaster, retreat leader and founder of Soul Inspired Gurl. Simply put, she is on a mission to lead women back to themselves and transform the way we show up in the world one bold and courageous step at a time.

Tune into episode #52:

In this episode:

  • – Dr. Laura shares her story
  • – The awakening process and listening to the intuitive nudges
  • – Ask, are you overstaying?
  • – Courageously walking your path and sharing your truth
  • – Projections – you don’t have to hold other people’s projections on your own life
  • – Breaking down to breakthrough
  • – Peeling back the layers and shattering illusions
  • – Taking radical responsibility 
  • – How to welcome in the uncomfortable or heavier emotions
  • – Understand that if you keep walking the path it will be shown to you in divine timing
  • – Why self-compassion is so important on your awakening journey
  • – How to start to listen to the whispers of your soul
  • – Can you speed up the awakening process? Let go of the resistance and create or dedicate time to get quiet and listen within more
  • – Priming the Quantum Field
  • – Letting go of perfection and the illusion of it and meeting yourself where you are
  • – Showing up for the after

With Love,