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Episode 11: Sober Curious?

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This episode dives into the topic of being sober curious and looking at your relationship with alcohol.

Michelle Smith from Recovery is the New Black is an educator, author and TEDx Speaker on normalizing sobriety.

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In this episode:

  • – What alcohol does to your body
  • – Michelle shares her story on why and how she got sober and is making it her mission to inspire others to do the same
  • – Michelle shares her favourite books for anyone beginning the sober curious journey or wanting to learn more about sobriety and making changes for personal growth
  • – How to plan ahead and be prepared when you become sober (she shares below her favourite alcohol free alternatives)
  • – How to talk to someone who is sober – what to say and what not to say
  • – Michelle shares her favourite tracking apps and why you might like using them and why you might not
  • – I share a bit of my 30 day alcohol free challenge and why I decided to do it

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