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Episode 93: 10 Things You Might Experience In Your Spiritual Awakening

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A lot of people are currently experiencing energetic shifts, a strong connection to their spiritual and energetic bodies, and awakening to divine truths. Sometimes this is referred to as a Spiritual Awakening. In my own personal experience, it started with divine healing and enhancing my connection to myself and my intuition. It started unlocking doors and illuminating energy blocks that were holding me back so I could actually heal the blocks and step into my soul’s divine path. It’s a beautiful process but it can be quite uncomfortable because you might have to look at some hard truths and make internal shifts that feel challenging. They all have purpose and are so worth it but when you are in the thick of it you might be wondering “What the heck is happening”.

I decided to create this episode as 10 things I wish someone would have told me about a spiritual awakening. I blindly stumbled my way through mine with so many ups and downs. Everything in this episode is based on my experience so take what resonates and leave the rest. This episode is designed to be helpful and encouraging and to help support you in seeing how this is all happening for your soul’s greatest good. So stop resisting the changes and walk bravely on your path. If you need any support or have any questions as always feel free to reach out.

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In This Episode:

10 Things That You Might Experience In A Spiritual Awakening:

1. You will begin to question everything.
2. Your intuition will strengthen and be your superpower.
3. You will likely experience a dark night of the soul or do shadow work.
4.  Crave a deeper connection with yourself and develop spiritual practices.
5. Your relationships will change or shift.
6. You will likely experience a phase of disconnection or isolation – I call it a Hermit Phase.
7. Dreams will become more vivid and share divine message with you.
8. You can read energy. Sometimes this means you can see, feel and smell bullshit, or anything that is in authentic. Luckily this also means you really can feel good energy, and you begin to choose a little more wisely.
9. You connection to everything else enhances. Connection to nature, animals, the cosmos.
10. Your habits and routines will likely change. As you step into your soul’s upgrade you actually want to upgrade your habits and routines to match your values and what is important to your mind, body and soul.

You freaking heal.
You grow.
You love.
You mourn and grieve things that are no longer in alignment.
Ultimately you find peace, clarity and freedom to be who you are.

You remember that you are and have always been whole and worthy.  I love you, you’ve got this.

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