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Episode 45: Mindset for Creating Empowered Changes

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This episode is going to motivate you to create the mindset shift required to create the change or habits you desire with guest expert Farah Miltimore. Tune in and hear all all of her wise and inspiring message on how to create a positive mindset to build a life you love.

Farah Miltimore, is a Holistic Mind & Body Coach, Host of the Hot Minute Podcast, Meditation Teacher and Motivational Speaker.

Tune into episode #45:

In this episode:

You will learn why weight loss isn’t really about weight loss.

Why you shouldn’t make comment on other people’s bodies.

The first place to begin on creating change.

Why you need to ask where your desires are coming from and the power of the mind/body connection.

How to become committed to your awareness and why it is so important.

A practical way to catch yourself when limiting beliefs creep in and how to change it.

The power of visualization, mindset training and so much more.

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