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Episode 50: Courageously Build Her

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Happy 50th episode of the Divine Health Podcast!

Today’s episode is a celebration of growth, of being brave and doing what you are being called to do from within. Being courageous enough to listening to the wisdom of your intuition and soul. 

Courage is the ability to do something that frightens you. If you are feeling fearful on creating change or taking action can you  lean into courage? 

When fear comes up how do you transmute it and take aligned action? This action will bring you liberation or freedom to live on your terms. 

Liberation is the act of setting someone free from imprisonment or oppression.  Often the person that puts us in our own personal prison is yourself or your mindset. 

What you resist persists. What are you currently resisting? Why?

Begin with awareness. Create some space to sit with yourself and get clear and honest with yourself.

Tune into episode #50:

Do you have the courage to make the changes you so deeply desire?

  • To start eating better so you can be a clear channel? and feel better?
  • To have a better evening routine to prioritize sleep?
  • To give up the habit or pattern that is no longer serving you?
  • To give up the substance abuse or misuse?
  • To have the hard conversation with your partner?
  • To put up healthier boundaries?
  • To feel all of your emotions and work with them?
  • To give up the job that is sucking your soul and begin to ask what lights your soul on fire?
  • To get curious and do the hobby that brings you pleasure and joy?
  • To look at a fear that you are ready to overcome?
  • To join the women’s circle and put yourself out there and connect?
  • To have the courage to share and speak your truth?
  • To honour the desires on your heart?
  • To start the project or podcast? write the book? What deam could you work on making come true?
  • A goal you would like to achieve?
  • A new skill to master?
  • To do an experience that will take you out of your comfort zone?

Are you living all the way in? 

Do you have the courage to look at one area of your life when you are not showing up fully for yourself and take aligned or inspired action?

With Love,