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Episode 91: Overcoming Fear to Create Your Dream Life

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In this episode, I dive into how to overcome the fears that are holding you back from stepping into your dream life. 

There is a quote by Brianna Wiest the author of The Moutain Is You and she says ” Remember that the minute you take your first step into the life of your dreams, the first to greet you there will be fear. Nod. Keep walking.”

In order to push past your comfort zone you have to push against your edge into your growth zone. It can be uncomfortable and your mindset can help you work with yourself to move gently through it, or it can help you let the fearful uncomfortable thoughts take over keeping you stuck, or smaller than you actually desire to be.

This episode talks about steps and strategies to help you acknowledge your thoughts and keep going with a positive, growth mindset. I also share some of the wisdom I’ve learned through surrendering to healing and pushing through my own fears so I can push past my own growth edge.

Tune into episode #91:

In This Episode:

– Acknowledging where fear is popping up in your soul’s journey
– Steps and strategies to move through fear to create the life or health habits you desire

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