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Episode 23: Understanding Men & Improving Your Relationship

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This episode dives into relationship health, understanding men and creating an extraordinary relationship with your partner.

Alison Armstrong is a sought after speaker, author and thought-leader amongst people with the desire to live empowered lives. Her exploration of human behaviour began in 1991, with her decision to study men. She initially started to figure out how she was bringing out the worst in them. I am so excited to share this episode and her wisdom with you so you can improve your relationship health today.

Tune into episode #23:

In this episode:

Alison shares her story on why she began this work and why she is so passionate about her work
-Why she decided to study men, and what she has learned along her journey
– Common misconceptions and misunderstanding Women have about Men
– Ways Women emasculate Men
– She shares about how Men and Women have conflicting instincts
– What happens when you feel tension or conflicting emotions, and what to do (and what not to do) often what we are compelled to do is often the opposite of what we want
– Men seek peace and Women seek safety and being productive
– How men are single focused and this brings them peace, and we feel safe when we are connected
– Ask the question and count to 30 (why this is so important)
– Why she wrote The Queen’s Code and her goal behind it, how she channeled the book and the characters in it
– How Women justify the way they treat men instead of trying to understand them
– Alison explains her idea of Divine Health in honouring your life’s work
– The currency of admiration and love languages, why we gravitate to where we are connected and appreciated
– Listening to understand, instead of trying to be right
– How Women and Men respond to yelling, or raising your voice so differently
– Why Men get freaked out when Women cry
– How Men need us to communicate our needs and Alison shares on how Women can communicate their needs better so Men Understand
– Distinguishing what you need and what is an expectation and why understanding the difference between the two matters
– Can you clearly see or articulate what you need, can you picture it clearly enough that you can describe it? What am I actually asking for?
– Why you shouldn’t use the word “more”
– Why you need to understand how to communicate what you actually want
– Why you need to stop assuming that Men can read our minds or why “they shouldn’t just know”
– How to bring up hard conversations with your partner
– Why your cup needs to be overflowing for a healthy relationship and so much more.

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