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Episode 24: Growth Mindset & Creating Your Dream Life

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This episode dives into all things growth mindset, goal setting a creating your dream life. Get ready to be inspired and motivated to dream bigger and actually achieve your goals.

Catherine Farquharson is a Mindset & Transformation Coach. She is among the top elite group of success coaches in the world with Bob Proctor. Catherine understands that achieving peak performance often requires a profound shift in one’s relationship to oneself. Her work is to help more women remove their mental blocks so they can be the fullest expression of their highest self.

Catherine’s superpower is her ability to ask the right question at the right time to cut through the B.S of your paradigm that holds you back so you can create a life and business you love.

Tune into episode #24:

In this episode:

  • – Where we develop limiting beliefs and how to overcome them
  • – Why do you need to understand the internal steps to create change before you move to the external, so they can be supported
  • – What are paradigms and how they keep us on auto-pilot
  • – Conscious vs unconscious programming for change
  • – How to approach change through the subconscious
  • – Catherine’s definition of learning and why you should adopt this mindset for goal setting
  • – Embodying and matching what you are calling in, feel like a match to the thing that you are bringing in
  • – Why it’s very important to know what motivates you, are you motivated away from what you don’t want (away from motivation) or moving towards what you do what (toward motivation)
  • – Why most people are motivated about what they don’t want, which keeps their attention on what they don’t want and can keep you stuck
  • – Why you need to stop focusing on what you don’t want
  • – Why you need to stop talking in comparison with your past
  • – The importance of celebrating the wins and letting it all the way in
  • – The difference between wanting something and wanting to want something and your willingness to be committed enough to what you want so that you can let go of the story you told yourself – the intention and desire has to be more and you have to show up on a regular basis
  • – Are you all in on yourself? Give yourself the permission to have that advancement
  • – Be committed to your desires over your story
  • – The importance of your environment when creating change
  • – Why and how to do an inventory in your life to see what is a match for what you want and what isn’t
  • – Get yourself ready for what you are calling in, have so much gratitude for where you are at and then do the work to be prepared for what you are calling in
  • – Why you need to let go of “the fear of failure” and how to do it – there is no failure there is just learning
  • – One of the biggest mistakes Catherine sees in creating change and mindset work
  • – Enjoy things for the journey, not the result, and your goals will be a by-product of living a life you love – indulge in positive feelings
  • – What a C type goal is and why or how you need to start implementing them in your life
  • – The importance of imagination in your goal setting and mindset work
  • – It’s ok to love where you are at but welcome in something new
  • – How we limit ourselves and how to remove the cap and so much more!

With Love,