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Episode 19: A Year In Review & Goal Setting For The New Year

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Welcome to 2022 and Happy New Year. This episode shares how I do my year in review analysis and plan new action oriented and inspiring goals for the New Year. Grab a pen and notebook and let’s dive right in.

This is a solo episode with host Pam Rocca, I find reflection is a great way to check in with what’s working, what needs improvement or attention and what can we celebrate. This episode shares wisdom on how to do your own year in review and set goals that you actually want to achieve for the upcoming year.

Tune into episode #19:

In this episode:

This exercise is called Year in Review, this is what it entails:

I recommend writing this out in your journal but make it work for you.

1. One one side of the journal write out all of the things that worked really well for you during the past year.

You can create subcategories that work for you.

Here are mine:

1. Self & Health – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual (can add financial too)
2. Marriage/Relationships/Family
3. Career/Work
4. Hobbies/Leisure of Free Time

Take some time and reflect month by month what worked really well in each category listed. Once you’ve created your list write down why it was so good, in other words list the benefits you felt from it. This will help you recognize what you should be prioritizing so you can feel really good, you can bring this energy into this year.

2. On the other side of the sheet write all of the things that didn’t work well for you, or that went poorly, or that no longer serve you with the same four categories.

The idea is not to focus on shame, failure or feeling badly but to learn the lessons and overcome barriers. This can highlight patterns that are keeping you stuck and highlight what you need to change. Often the first thing that needs to be improved upon is mindset.

After you completed both sides write down what you want to bring into 2022? What lessons did you learn? what habits need attention? Decide and make a plan. Begin with one small, attainable thing. Then keep showing up, and see the magic that you can create this year.

You can also think ahead to your year in review at the end of 2022, how do you want to feel? What do you need to implement now to make that happen.

Lastly, remember to let it be fun.

With Love,