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Episode 85: What to Do When You Feel “Off”

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This episode shares strategies on what to do when you have an off day or feel “off” energetically. 

I decided to share this topic because it’s really easy to show up when you feel aligned and good. It is so much harder when you don’t feel like yourself.  So many of you reached out and mentioned that you were feeling off when I aired the last episode and that you were grateful for the inspiration. A week later I felt it too, I felt totally off and it felt like a sign to share a few practices that I turn to when I am not feeling quite like myself. 

Tune into episode #85:

This is a totally off the cuff episode, just sharing my practices and experiences. Really practicing letting go of having to have “perfect” episodes and just sharing what feels real and organic. 

Even if you are not feeling off I know that there will be some words of wisdom that will help you on your spiritual growth path. 

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