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Episode 33: When You Need A Reminder to Live Life to The Fullest

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Happy Easter Long Weekend. I hope you are having a lovely celebration with your family or favourite people. We are missing one big important person in our celebrations this year, our dad (or the kids papa). I miss and love you dad. This episode is a celebration to you Ray (dad) and all the wisdom and life lessons you taught me. I am sharing just in case you need them too. Or maybe you need a reminder to not take life for granted and live your life fully today. 

Life is short and so beautiful, are you living fully?

This is a solo episode with host Pam Rocca sharing all of the important life lessons she has learned from her amazing dad who passed unexpectedly in late March 2022.

Tune into episode #33:

In this episode:

In this episode the top 10 lessons from Ray:

1.  Celebrate The Solid People In Your Life. The people who go are there through the good and the bad. The people you can be your authentic self around.

2. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff. If it won’t matter in a month, or 6 months from now it’s likely not important. 

I get it there are so many silly things that I stressed about that really didn’t matter. Lesson learned and moving on because it doesn’t matter in the big picture. 

3. Live Each Day To The Fullest. If Today was Your Last Day Are You Proud Of The Way That You Are Living?

Ray’s Mantra: “Every day I wake up is a great day”.

4. Travel. Dream big and do what you love, explore, stop waiting until you are ready. 

Mantra: I am going to travel ____ this year because ________.

If you think you can, you WILL find a way. 

5. Stop Thinking You Have More Time. Or I’ll Do This When ___________. You never know how much time you have. 

Bonus: you are so much more than your body. How many years did you waste hating or being mean to your body? Know you are pure divine love and your mind, body and soul deserves love. 

6. Be A Legend. 

What does that mean for you and your family? what traditions are you holding or doing for your kids and family?

7. Love Your Person Unconditionally. Hug them and tell them you love them. If you don’t love them unconditionally tap into why. Everyone deserves that kind of love.

8. Be Kind.  Chat with your cashiers, nurses, the people around you, your friends, the bus driver for your kids etc.  That one nice conversation might make someone’s whole day, be kind always. No agenda, just be kind. Spread love. 

9. Save For Your Retirement. Take this as your sign to get organized or get started if you don’t have a plan right now. Check out the episode with Paula Wilimek. 

10. Enjoy Great Food and Wine. Celebrate Good Food and Family Dinner’s. 

With Love,