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10 Ways To Add In More Spirituality into Your Life

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If you live in Ontario you know that we have been in lock down for longer than most people’s mental and emotional health can stand. It has been a hard year and everyone has been hit a little different. I shared recently on Instagram that my spiritual practice saved me through the darkest times of this pandemic. Previously I didn’t feel comfortable sharing about my practices because I was afraid to reveal that vulnerability. However, after noticing first hand how much these spiritual practices have positively impacted my life I now know this information needs to be shared to anyone open enough to listen. When creating a healthy lifestyle most people think about physical health but often lack mental, emotional and spiritual health. If you are new to spirituality or tuning into your spirit this article is for you.

What is spirituality anyway?

It is the quality of being interested with the human spirit or deepening your connection with your soul as opposed to material or physical things. It is a feeling or sense that we are apart of something bigger than ourselves, something that is deep within us and opening our hearts to connect to the wisdom of cosmic or divine source. You might resonate with the term God, Universe, Source insert your belief but we are all part of something larger than us and we are so loved and supported on this journey.

I used to think spirituality meant going to church and it didn’t connect with me because I remember going to church as a kid and not understanding what it was all about, it felt like an obligation (I feel bad writing that but it’s true) so I never felt connected to it. I feel like I was spiritually “dead” for a big part of my life. It wasn’t until I was in my yoga teacher training that I began to feel connected to myself (soul) and that there was something bigger guiding me. I read the book “The Universe Has Your Back” by Gabby Bernstein and it really started to change my perspective and felt a connection to the Universe. My sign was a heart and I started seeing hearts everywhere, in food, rocks in nature, ice chunks, water spills, they would remind me that I was on the right path. Which is what lead me here and truly got me through some of the hardest moments this past year. I feel stronger mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically because I practice these things daily to fill my well so I could handle anything that was thrown my way and see it as a blessing. Yes, even the hard stuff I would say “this is happening for me, not to me” and when it was dark and I couldn’t see the lesson I always knew there was one and trusted that it was a gift. Ok enough about me, I want to share these tips in case they might help you on your journey to optimal health or maybe this will be a little light if you find yourself surrounded in darkness.

I am light and so are you. Shine bright lovely soul.

Imagine a world where you can be your truest self. Where you don’t need to dim to fit in, hide who you are and you can actually be connected to the infinite, boundless beauty of your soul. Be yourself, own your awesomeness and tune inward.

Here Are 10 Things That Can Help Improve Your Spirituality Today:

  1. Meditation. I know a lot of you have heard you should meditate and perhaps some of you even want to do it but you just haven’t started. Take this as a sign from the Universe that the time to begin is now. You can’t do it wrong, you are simply taking some time out of your day to quiet the mind and connect with your soul. Your soul is so wise and radiates unconditional love, it is really empowering and inspiring. Ways that you can begin your meditation practice:
  • Download a free meditation app like Insight timer and listen to guided meditations.
  • Listen to free guided meditations on YouTube you can search for exactly what you want – time, guided vs music, guide for conditions like anxiety, depression, success, self-love etc.
  • Pay for guided meditations from someone you connect with like Rebecca Campbell or anyone locally that you love.
  • Sit quietly in nature in a comfortable seated position, close your eyes, focus on intentionally breathing and let the sound of nature bring in peace as you turn down the volume of your mind and tune into the frequency of your heart.
  • Envision – lay down on the couch or sit on your mat comfortably, imagine yourself walking in a meadow then either into a forest or over to the ocean notice what happens next.
  • Breath work – breath in for a count of 4, pause for 4, exhale fully for a count of 4 and pause for 4 repeat for as long as you need. You can even set a timer and work your way up. Breathing this way brings you into your body in this moment and quiets the mind because it’s focused on counting.

I started with guided meditations because it took all the guess work out of it and gave my monkey mind a focus. Know that it is a practice so come into it with a beginners mindset, the more you practice the easier it get and the stronger you become connected to the wisdom of your soul. Once you can clear the mental chatter you can become more in tune with your needs or you can see more clearly what you want and need. So empowering and worth the effort. How can you carve out 5-10 minutes each day for meditation? Begin today.

Meditation opens the gateway to connect with the divine and your highest self.

2. Be Present. This is a hard one for a lot of us especially mom’s, we are constantly being pulled in a thousand different directions at all times. It’s no wonder that we feel like we have 100 browsers open. One of the ways I learned to become more present is to tap my shoulders and say “be present” or “be here in this body” it sounds silly I know but it worked for me. I also love to envision closing each browser tab so I could be exactly in the moment that I found myself in. So while working I am deeply into what I am doing in this moment and grateful for it and then when I am with my kids I give them my attention fully. Again it is a practice that strengths or becomes easier with time. It is such a gift and worth trying out today. How can you practice being present in this moment right now?

3. Breath Work and Practice Staying Open. When things get hard it’s easy to close yourself or your heart off, protect it with an iron shield and lock it up for safe keeping. It’s hard feeling all of the challenging feelings right now I get it but the world doesn’t want you closed. It’s easier to process the emotions or feelings if you think of them as energy or frequency, they need to flow through you to be released so locking them deep down just creates more resistance in your body. When emotions arise acknowledge that they are there and welcome them in, and breath through it allowing it to flow through.

I want to share an example of how I made this work for me. I use to trick myself from feeling sadness, I thought it was weak or uncomfortable so when I would feel low I would do something to change my mood, like go for a long run. It worked but it was like spiritual and emotional bi-passing so it just lingered inside of me. My mentor taught me to welcome in sadness the same way I welcome in happiness and joy, then to ask my body what story did it want to tell me today. It’s important to be open to listening and learning. Most of my biggest growth came from the darkest times.

What emotions are you feeling today? What lessons are they trying to teach you? How can you stay open even when things get hard? Practice, practice, practice.

4. Pull a card from your favourite deck. They are always a great reminder that we are supported, there is a bigger picture or game plan in place and to show up and do the work. Show up with love and appreciation for this journey.

Love my Rebecca Campbell Work Your Light Oracle Deck

My first deck was the Energy Oracle Cards by Sandra Ann Taylor love this deck, perfect for beginners.

I recently picked up and love this Goddess Power Oracle Deck

If you feel connected to animals this deck might be right for you, I have it and love it

There are hundreds of different decks out there, see what you feel called to and trust your intuition.

5. Connect with your spirituality through movement like yoga or dance. Yoga is for everyone and there are so many styles and instructors that you can find what works for you. It helps you to get out of your head and into your body, in this space you feel peace and grounded. Try a beginner class, try yin or restorative see what you are called to and honour your body with movement.

Thinking again about emotions being energy that needs to move through us, when things would get hard (or I had a rough day) I would see how I could move that energy through. Sometimes I would throw a dance party to change the energy and let things flow, other times I would walk in nature and release the negative and fill myself up with pure source from the Universe, it’s so healing and grounding. Other times I would flow it out on my mat or just cry it out. The point is to tune into what your body needs, how can you connect with your soul on a deeper level through movement?

6. Read Spiritual Books. They are a great gateway or tool to educate yourself on how to open up and connect within.

Here are some of my favourites:

  1. The Universe Has your Back by Gabby Bernstein (also love The Super Attractor)
  2. The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer
  3. Light is the New Black and Rise Sister Rise by Rebecca Campbell
  4. The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz
  5. Your Soul’s Plan by Robert Schwartz
  6. Warrior Goddess Training by Heatherash Amara
  7. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
  8. Untammed by Glennon Doyle
  9. You are a Badass by Jen Sincerio
  10. Journey to the Heart by Melody Beattie

7. Journal to get to know yourself on a deeper level. Who are you? Who do you want to be? What do you need to get there? What is your soul craving or speaking to you?

Tune into your intuition and your instincts and follow them on your journey. Do the things that light you up, bring you joy and make you feel like your truest most authentic self at a soul level (not to people please or to look good). This is an inner work job, and the best part is that ALL of the answers are already inside of you all you have to do is be open, connect and listen.

8. Learn to love and accept yourself. You soul loves and supports you, if you feel other wise there is some work for you to do. You can try it on your own or seek out help for healing and personal growth. Reach out to someone who speaks to you. There are so many support systems or people available to you to: try therapy, reiki, get a reading, or find like minded women that you can chat with or that are a little further down the road. It helps to have someone who you can talk to and open up to. The more you find and speak your truth, the more your people find you. So grateful for my community of like minded souls.

9. Open yourself up to new things. Try new foods, new classes, hobbies, hike new areas, explore new beaches all of this teaches you more about yourself. Begin each day with the intention of being and staying open, one of the best ways to be open is to try new things because it causes you to be open-minded and open-hearted to be adventurous enough to try. I recently started singing as a form of healing and channeling energy, ideas and to feel really great. I am by no means a singer, I often told myself that “I wish I could sing” but I sing because it connects me to my heart. I now want to buy a drum, which a year ago would have felt totally crazy. What can you open yourself up to?

10. Create a spiritual space. Sometimes this is called an alter, but that reminds me of a church which I am not against it just brings back memories of something that I didn’t connect with. What I do connect with is being surrounded by earthy scents, feathers, my meditation cushion, crystals and things that bring me inner peace and joy. I know it’s not about things when it comes to spirituality but these pieces in my peaceful room have created a space that I love to write in, meditate, and hang out. It’s funny because it’s now the most popular room in our home and I believe it’s because it is a safe, calm, peaceful place.

If this article resonated with you, I would love it if you could let me know in the comments below. I am so passionate about helping more women and young ladies fall in love with their bodies and find ways to create divine health & wellness.

If you found this article beneficial I would so appreciate it if you shared with a friend who would enjoy it too. Let’s be apart of the change and create the world we wish to see.

With love and light,