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Tips On What To Do After Overeating To Feel Fabulous Again

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What do you do after you overeat? Stress eating, sugar cravings, PMS, boredom, eating your feelings whatever the cause what do you do when you eat way too much junk food again? It happens and its not the one time junk food session that wreaks havoc on our health, it is what happens next that is the most important.

It’s not helpful to beat yourself up, feel shame or engage in that internal negative dialogue that has you feeling like a failure.

It’s also not helpful to say “screw it” I already messed up so I am going to just eat all of the things and start fresh tomorrow….or Monday.

It’s not helpful to starve yourself, skip meals, over exercise or take diet pills because you need to “make up” for it. This only leads to more yo-yo dieting, food cravings, blood sugar swings (potentially mood swings) and binges.

None of these things will make you feel fabulous, they will only make you feel worse than you already feel.

The Recipe


What is helpful:

1.     Compassion

Avoid beating yourself up, one over the top meal won’t ruin your health goals. Take a deep breath and find compassion for yourself and know that you are human. Be gentle and kind with yourself and your thoughts. Give yourself grace. If a negative thought comes in, change the dialogue by saying an affirmation that works for you.

“Food is neutral and each moment is a fresh start to nourish my body, I choose to love myself and start fresh now.”

“May I let go of struggling with the food I choose to eat, I will choose foods that bless my body most of the time.”

” I am healthy and today I choose to do the things that honour and bless my body.”

2.     Awareness

Take a moment to reflect and journal on what triggered the binge, overeating or what steered you off course. Assess without judgement, write down the emotions involved and some tools or healthful tips on what you can do in the future. For example if stress or unhappiness were the emotions that triggered you maybe a walk or call with a great friend would fill you up next time.


Create a long list of thing that would work for you so you can practice them in the future, here are a few ideas: listen to a guided meditation, move your body, practice yoga, dance, go for a walk or a run, have fun playing with your kids (who doesn’t love a good tickle fight or snuggle), journal what your feeling, read a great book, listening to music or a amazing podcast, call a great friend, do something that brings you joy, happiness or reduces stress. Have fun creating your list.

3.     Mindset & Movement

Crush a fun workout because you are grateful for your body and you want it to feel good, strong and healthy. Not to punish yourself or “make up” for it. There is a huge difference. Ask your body what kind of movement it is craving and honour that from a place of self-love and respect. If it feels tired do lighter yoga and stretching, if it feels energetic dance, run, bike, hike do whatever activities fill you up, not ones that burn the most calories. Getting movement outdoors and in nature is a bonus tip. There is something healing, peaceful and stress relieving about moving or connecting in nature. It’s a special kind of nourishment for the mind, body and soul.

4.     Nourish & Mindfulness 

Drink lots of water and eat foods that nourish you and contain protein, fibre and veggies, Eat foods that make you feel good long term and give you energy. For your next meal practice eating mindfully, slow down and notice what your food smells, looks and tastes like, slow down and chew and savour each bite. Check in with hunger and fullness cues when eating and stop when feelings of satiation come in. This can help you tune into what you are eating, why you are eating it and it can help you eat less and feel more satisfied. Begin to listen to your body when it comes to eating.

If you are finding that you know you are full but still keep eating try changing where you are and what you are doing. If you are watching Netflix in the living room, try going for a quick walk around the block or make a comforting tea and read in another room.

5.     Gratitude

Know that each moment is a fresh start to fuel your body from a place of self -love and respect. When you focus on practicing this you will notice you get back on track quicker and easier (and you will feel better than giving up and starting Monday again). Take a moment to be grateful for your body and all of the amazing things it does for you. Write a list of all the things that you are grateful for in your life. It changes how you feel and allows you to see all of the amazing things that you have in your life and to take the focus off what you just ate.

The number one thing take-away message from this post is to practice self-compassion and kindness towards yourself and your body.


If you are constantly overeating, eating your emotions or struggle with making healthy food choices, and your relationship with food it might be beneficial to seek help. Working with a health coach or nutritionist can help you create healthy habits, create a positive mindset and give you the tools you need to reach your goals. If you are interest in learning more click here. If your feelings are a little more deep rooted reach out to a certified therapist

If you have a helpful tip that is not listed I would so appreciate if you could drop it in the comments below. Remember that each meal is a fresh start to make choices that fuel your body and life in a positive way. It’s ok to eat the chips, it’s ok to enjoy sometimes foods but tune into how your body feels after eating and bring your attention to whether it feels really great or not so good. Your body is an amazing machine that will tell you what it needs if you get in the habit of listening and honouring.

Love your body babe,