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Episode 100: 10 Pieces of Wisdom I’ve Learned Since Starting the Podcast

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Welcome to episode 100 of the Divine Health Podcast. I am so excited and grateful to share this milestone with you. In this episode, I share 10 nuggets of wisdom that I have picked up since I began the podcast. These are the things that have helped me grow, heal, and step into my dream life, so of course I wanted to share them with you in case they inspire you or help you on your journey.

Tune in to the episode to hear all 10 pieces of wisdom, there are so many more but I tried to pick the most relevant and potent.

As I reflect on when I started this podcast I was a Nutritionist and Health Coach, I am now currently an Intuitive Energy Healer, Oracle Reader & Reiki Practitioner. To say a lot can change in a few years feels like an understatement. I am sharing this people I want you to follow your heart, passions, and dreams and never be afraid to change and grow into your soul’s highest potential.

Tune into episode #100:

In This Episode:

  • I share 10 pieces of wisdom I have learned since starting this podcast

I also tied in other favourite solo episodes from season 1, if you haven’t tuned into these episodes I highly recommend them. I reference them in this episode too.

1. 11 Ways to Strengthen Your Intuition
2. When You Need a Reminder to Live Life to the Fullest – Tribute to my Dad
3. 12 Universal Laws
4. Chakras
5. Law of Attraction
6. Your Spiritual Practices Are Your SuperPower

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